SPECIFICATION. Altech Panel Light. Model Number. Performance Summary

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1 Altech Panel Light Model Number SPECIFICATION AE-L-PL14- OIC: BL-P1-W CNS/CDS AE-L-PL- OIC: BL-P4-W CNS/CDS AE-L-PL- OIC: BL-P4-W CNS/CDS AE-L-PL4- OIC: BL-P7-W CNS/CDS AE-L-PL4- OIC: BL-P7-W CNS/CDS Performance Summary /Power: 1x4 (W) x (W&W) x4 (W&W) Luminosity Efficacy: 90 lm/w, 80% saving in comparison to conventional lights Color Temperature: 0K, 00K, 00K Thickness: 11.5mm (1/ ) LED mounted at side (), DLC Certified Warranty: 5 years (DLC), 3 years (others)

2 Ordering Information Item. AE-L-PL14- AE-L-PL- AE-L-PL- AE-L-PL4- AE-L-PL4- AE-L-LPPL14-30 DLC listed DLC listed DLC listed DLC listed DLC listed AE-L-LPPL14-30-D AE-L-LPPL14- AE-L-LPPL14--D AE-L-LPPL1-30 AE-L-LPPL1-30-D AE-L-LPPL-30 AE-L-LPPL-30-D AE-L-LPPL--HP AE-L-PL--D-HP AE-L-LPPL- AE-L-LPPL--D AE-L-LPPL4- AE-L-LPPL4--D AE-L-LPPL4- AE-L-LPPL4--D AE-L-LPPL14--EP AE-L-LPPL--EP AE-L-LPPL--EP AE-L-LPPL4--EP AE-L-LPPL4--EP 1x ' LED panel light 1x ' LED panel light Dimmable ( Yes or ) Yes ,DLC,DLC,DLC,DLC,DLC LED Type LED Q'ty Power (W) Lumen (LM) Power Supply Certificate Dimension/Weight A 11.5mm H B Dimension (A x B mm) Weight 110x 5.5kg (1 lbs) 0x0 5.5kg (1 lbs) 110x0 11kg (4 lbs)

3 Features Luminosity Efficacy: 100lm/w (DLC) 80lm/w (others) Voltage input: 100~77V ac LED chips: (DLC), SMD 835(others) Color Temperature: 0K, 00K, 00K CRI: Ra>80 (DLC), Ra>70 (others) Beam Angle: 1 degree Application: indoor only Installation: Suspension, Mount, Recessed, Ceiling Mount Warranty: 5 years (DLC), 3 years (others) Certificate: (),DLC Lux Chart 0m 1m A Wattage W Lux A B C 3 70 W 3 70 m B W W W m C W 6 10 Installation Mount Panel Light Panel Light 1. Nailing two plastic expansion screws and other screws into the wall according to the size shown in the illustration. Hanging the panel on the finished screws Screw Plastic expansion screws 3. This is the combining drawing for wall and panel, please make the installation according to the installation drawing. 4. Installation finished

4 Recessed Mount Suspension sleeve anchor bolt Steel wire Steel wire adjustable holder 1. Put the ball end of the steel wire. through the hole of the mount bracket of panel Panel Steel wire Put the other end of the steel wire through the wire holder, and adjust the length of the steel wire. Push to adjust length of wire 3. mount the sleeve anchor bolt into ceiling 4. hang the 4 wire holders to the sleeve anchor bolt Ceiling Mount frame Mounting frame front panel Setscrew Front Panel LED Panel Front Panel 1. Dis-assemble the front panel of the mounting frame and mount the frame into ceiling by setscrew.. Slide the LED panel into the mounting frame, then screw in the front panel

5 Wiring Diagram (0-10V Dimmable Panel) LED Driver Blue White Vac To Number,3,4...n Drivers Purple Gray Panel Light Purple Gray Dimmer Recommended Lutron LED 0~10V dimmer: DVTV, DVSCTV which is able to be purchased from most of electricity stores /WhiteBlue /White Blue TO Pane l Packaging Carton (mm) G.W/Carton Quantity 1x355x115 13KG 655x655x115 14KG 1x665x10 19KG xxx xxxx xxx