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1 Affects: All models with EPA 2010 Engines Related: Engine Electronics (129) Electronic Engine Display (PKX) Air Restriction Indicator (PVX) INDEX: Eight Gauge Instrument Cluster: TM2 Code Page Description Number Introduction 1-2 EPA 2010 Eight Gauge Instrument Cluster Figure 2 3 Premium Driver Information Display Icons Identified Figures 3 thru Premium Driver Information Display Option Level 8 INTRODUCTION The instrument cluster encompasses the gauges, driver information display (DID) and telltales located directly in front of the driver. Volvo offers four instrument cluster combinations of two gauge panels and two driver information displays to accommodate customer requirements. Each cluster is capable of driver adjustable languages (English, French, & Spanish) and includes English or Metric units of measure. In keeping with Volvo s core value of Safety, the highly functional clusters are designed to be easy to read and provide the driver with critical information while driving. The driver does have the ability to retrieve additional data and adjust the DID to their preferred setting when in the non-driving (parked) mode. The following chart shows the available instrument clusters and TM2 codes: Description TM2 Code Eight Gauge Instrument Cluster with Base Driver Information Display Ten Gauge Instrument Cluster with Base Driver Information Display Ten Gauge Instrument Cluster with Premium Driver Information Display This Product Bulletin focuses on the Information Display. The Information Display includes eight gauges and a premium driver information display which adds additional DID gauges and information for the driver to track the vehicle operation. It is designed for customers that want to view necessity gauges. Page 1 of 8

2 The following pages show the instrument cluster, the gauges and the telltales provided. The DID located in the center of the cluster and controlled by a multipurpose stalk, allows the driver to display three favorite displays of gauges or other information when the vehicle has a manual transmission, and two favorite displays when the vehicle has an automated manual transmission (i.e. I-Shift) or an automatic transmission (i.e. Allison). The DID can be toggled between the favorite displays and the menu screen by pressing the ESC button on the stalk. The DID provides three languages (English, French, and Spanish) from which the driver may to chose. The DID allows the driver to quickly and easily view vehicle information (such as fuel economy, battery voltage, trip mileages, and fluid levels), as well as receive critical status updates as they are registered by various vehicle ECU s. This real-time information keeps the driver informed and in control of the vehicle. The DID has up to 16 main menus; information available to the driver depends on vehicle configuration and whether the vehicle is in a Startup, Driving or Non-driving. The Favorite Display may be set by the driver and a Popup mode appears as needed to provide operational alerts. Some functions are password-protected and are not shown until the correct password is entered. The display is dependent on whether the truck is being driven or parked. Display Type Start Up Driving Favorite Display Non-Driving Popup Driver Screens Description Rotating Volvo logo Driver selected favorites and additional essential information Driver selected favorites (up to 3) are shown in order of driver preference. Vehicle checks, diagnostic information, driver preferences are available through the control stalk Vehicle operational alerts that display either while in driving of non-driving display types The driving display is divided into six sections and is shown in Figure 3; the non-driving display, shown in Figure 4, has three sections. The status bar and popup menus are shown in Figures 5 and 6 respectively. Because of the numerous displays and information available, the Operators Manual provides a higher level of detail for each display and driver actions needed. DID Control (Stalk Switch Functions) The Stalk Switch allows the driver to select an action when messages are displayed on the DID. 1. (Escape) is used to return to the previous menu and cancel a setting/operation. 2. Select ( ) is used as the ENTER key. 3. UP arrow moves the cursor up; also used to set numerical values. 4. DOWN arrow moves the cursor down; also used to set numerical values. The following pages show the various instrument panels and DID s available and a chart describing the driving and non-driving menus. Figure 1 Stalk Location Page 2 of 8

3 Figure 2 Instrument Cluster-Eight Gauge STOP Check Information Seat Belt Parking Brake Left Turn Signal Right Turn Signal Speedometer Tachometer Coolant Front Brake Air Pressure MIL DEF Level Oil Pressure Driver Information Display See pages 4-8 Hill Start Assist Fuel Level Rear Brake Air Pressure High Exhaust Interaxle Lock Tractor ABS High Beam Indicator Manual Regen Differential Lock Trailer ABS Tractor Control System Low DEF Engine Preheat Battery Page 3 of 8

4 Figure 3 Premium DID-Driving Menu Engine Oil Outside Air ( 0 F/ 0 C) Average Speed (mph) Instant/Average Fuel Economy (L/100 km) Trip data (km) haust Tem Available Favorite Icons Pyrometer Exhaust Temp Battery Voltage (V) Average Speed (km/h) Transmission Oil Air Suspension Pressure Instant/Average Fuel Economy (US & IMP) Rear Axle (s) Directional Compass w/gps Coordinates Instant/Average Fuel Economy (km/l) Leg Fuel (gals) Leg fuel (L) Trip data (miles) Estimated Time Of Arrival PB -Sweet Spot Percentage % Idle Performance Bonus Data Field 1 Data Field 3 Data Field 5 (XX.X) (XX) (XX) XX.X XX XX Data Field 2 Data Field 4 Data Field 6 XXX Data Field 1 XXX Data Field 2 Performance Bonus Summary Trip Avg. Road Speed (1 & 2) k/hr U XXX XXX Data Field 1 Data Field 2 Road Speed Limit Performance Bonus XXXX uu XXXX u Trip Avg. Road Speed (1 & 2) MPH Distance and Fuel to Empty Favorite Display 1 and 2 or Alternative Menu Gauges Fuel Data Time/Distance Display 1/8 Favorite Display 1 Favorite Display 3 or Transmission Information (Included with AMT or Automatic Transmissions) Gear Shift Options Gear Shift Selection R N D D 5 E/P M Possible Up-shift Gears (I-Shift Only) Possible Down-shift Gears (I-Shift Only) Transmission Gear Shift Mode or Eco-roll (I-Shift only) Favorite Display 2 Favorite Display 3 Clock Status Bar Odometer Page 4 of 8

5 Figure 4 Non-Driving Menu Instant/average fuel economy (L/100km or km/l) Unique Non-Driving Icons Instant/average fuel economy (US & IMP) Non-Driving Menu o Gauges o Fuel Data o Time/Distance o Display o Vehicle Messages o Reset o Aftertreatment o Volvo Link o Display Settings o Vehicle Settings o Diagnostics o Vehicle Data o Data Log o Password o Pre-Trip Assistant o Tire Pressure Monitor Gauges 1/16 Fuel Data Time/Distance Display Vehicle Messages Reset Aftertreatment Volvo Link Display Settings Vehicle Settings Status Bar Odometer Note: Diving menu uses larger fonts (easier to read) in both driving and non-driving modes. Page 5 of 8

6 Figure 5 Status Bar Menu Favorite Display 1 Favorite Display 2 Favorite Display 3 Clock Status Bar Odometer Performance Bonus Achieved Sweet Spot Not Achieved Foot On Throttle Cruise Control Active Aftertreatment System Delayed Performance Bonus - Not Achieved Status Bar Icons Sweet Spot Achieved Sweet Spot (Outer Boundary) Shift Gear Up Shift Gear Down Foot Off Throttle Volvo Engine Retarder Stalk-Arm Volvo Enhanced Cruise Enabled Aftertreatment System Disabled Cummins Engine Retarder Status Volvo Enhanced Cruise Not Available Active Messages Cummins Engine Retarder Position PTO Alarm Maintenance Page 6 of 8

7 Figure 6 - Popup Menu gine Tem Oil Temper Engine Temp Too Low For Engine Brake (VEB) High Engine Oil High Exhaust High Transmission Oil Popup Icons Vehicle Shutdown Idle Shutdown Crank Case Pressure Low Engine Oil Pressure High DPF Exhaust Transmission Fault High Coolant Regen Messages Low Gear Warning Coolant level High Clutch Load (I-Shift) High Transmission Retarder (Allison) Low Fuel Check Fuel Filter Water In Fuel Fuel Priming Battery Voltage High/Low Driving Light Short Circuit Tractor / Trailer Brake Light Fault Low Beam Fault High Beam Fault Front Fog Light Fault Driving Light Open Circuit Parking Light Fault Turn Signal Fault Fuse Fault Preheating Fault Low Washer Fluid Low Brake Pressure or ABS Air Suspension Pressure Warning Air Suspension Dump 5 th Wheel Lock Wheel Spin Tire Pressure Monitor Volvo Enhance Cruise SRS Air Filter Restriction Maintenance Needed Music Active Phone Call XX : XXX AM/PM Alarm On Freezing Conditions Favorite Display 1 Favorite Display 2 Popup Message Favorite Display 3 Status Bar Clock Odometer Page 7 of 8

8 Premium Driver Information Display Driving Menus Feature Non-Driving Menus Feature Gauges (Digital) 1 Display Settings 1 Ambient Temp. 1 Language 1 Engine Oil Temp. 1 English 1 Battery Voltage 1 French 1 Transmission Temp 1 Spanish 1 Rear Axle Temps. 1 Units 1 Pyrometer 1 Distance 1 Air Suspension Pressure (Frt. & Rear) 2 KM 1 Transmission Shifter (Allison) 2 Mile 1 Transmission Shifter (I-shift) 2 Fuel Consumption 1 Air Restriction 2 L/100KM 1 Compass (Volvo Link req'd.) 2 KM/L 1 Fuel Data 1 mpg (Imp gallons) 1 Fuel Economy 1 mpg (us gallons) 1 Trip Fuel 1 1 Distance/Fuel to Empty 1 F 1 PB - Fuel Economy Target 2 C 1 PB - % Idle 2 Time/Date 1 PB - Summary 2 Clock Format 1 PB - Sweet Spot 2 24 hour 1 PB - Road Speed Limit 2 AM/PM 1 Time / Distance 1 Date Format 1 Clock 1 yymmdd 1 Alarm Clock 1 ddmmyy 1 Trip Odometer 1 and 2 1 mmddyy 1 Trip Avg. Road speed 1 and 2 1 Display Light 1 Estimated Time to Arrival 1 Contrast 1 Display 1 Backlight 1 Black Panel 1 Night/Day 1 Favorite Display 1 Change Password 1 Backlight 1 Owner Password 1 Favorite Display Setting 1 Workshop pw 1 1 Night/Day 1 Workshop pw 2 1 Vehicle Messages 1 Vehicle Settings 1 Reset 1 Fleet Limit 1 Aftertreatment (Based on DPF Regen. Controls) 2 Fleet ID 1 Request Parked Regen 2 Diagnostics 1 ATS Status 2 View Active Faults 1 Clutch 2 Cluster Self-test 1 Service Brake 2 Vehicle Data 1 PTO Status 2 Oil Level (Volvo Engine Only) 1 Acc. Pedal 2 Data Log 1 Neutral 2 Vehicle ID (Volvo Eng. Req'd.) 1 Vehicle Speed Above 2 Sweet Spot Data (Volvo Eng. Req'd.) 1 Park Brake 2 Total Data 1 System Fault 2 Trip Data (Volvo Eng. Req'd.) 1 System Timeout 2 Reset Trip Data (Volvo Eng. Req'd.) 1 Temporary Lockout 2 Password 1 Permanent Lockout 2 Pre-Trip Assistant 2 Engine Temp. 2 Switch/Circuit Test 2 Exhaust Temp. 2 Exterior Lamp Test 2 Vehicle Speed below 2 Air Leakage Test 2 Inhibit Switch 2 Tire Pressure (tractor only) 2 Soot Level Gauge 2 Tire Pressures 2 Ash Level Gauge 2 Tire s 2 Cancel Regen 2 Delay Regen 2 Key Set Delay Timer 2 Included 1 Volvo Link 2 Specification Dependent 2 Read Messages 2 Main Menu Item Send Messages 2 Sub Menu Item Status 2 Sub Category Item Page 8 of 8